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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How can I contact you?
The fastest means of contact would be to message our live chat support team in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. They are able to assist with most queries instantly however they cannot help with sponsorships. Alternatively if our live chat is offline then please complete the contact form on the right or email us at:  
Our Twitter: @MUTCoinsWebsite
Our Facebook: Here
Our Skype: MUTCoins
How do I buy and receive MUT Coins?
In order for us to transfer Madden Coins from our account to yours, we need to purchase ANY worthless player from you via the auction house. To understand the process of how to buy MUT coins, please click here.
Will you buy my unwanted Madden 19 Coins?
Yes! We also buy Madden 19 Coins from our users, as well as sell them. If you have some unwanted Madden Coins and wish to sell them please visit our Sell Madden Coins Page and let us know how many you wish to sell and for which console. We will quote you on how much we will pay for them. If you sell MUT Coins frequently then please add us on Skype at: MUTCoins
Will you Sponsor me?
We sponsor a handful of YouTubers/Streamers. If you wish to apply to our sponsorship scheme then please inform us of your YouTube/Twitch channel in the contact form on the right. Please provide a link to your channel. We will verify you own the channel, so no time wasters please.
Are you a legit website?
Yes, has been an established company since 2013 and have been growing ever since. We are known as the go-to website to buy Madden coins after selling over 3 Billion coins since our grand opening. We sponsor well-known YouTubers who promote our website and we're active on numerous Madden forums. To view our independent reviews please visit our Reviews Page. Our website is also SSL secured so no payment details can be intercepted or decrypted.
I have not received my Madden Coins?
In the unlikely circumstances of a customer not receiving their coins we have probably already emailed you if any problems have arisen. Such as not being able to find your player on the auction house. If we still have not delivered your Madden Ultimate Team Coins within 7 days and cannot contact you we will automatically refund your order.
How fast will my MUT Coins be delivered?
As we pride ourselves on being the fastest Madden Coin delivery service on the internet we ensure delivery times of 2 minutes from your order being completed as long as our live chat is online. This means we're online and delivering coins.

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