How To Buy Madden Coins

On this page, we’ll explain how to buy MUT coins for Madden 19 Ultimate Team with an easy step-by-step guide. For an early indication of how this works, we simply buy a worthless player from you for a significant amount of Madden coins.

1. The first step of the process is to choose how many Madden 18 Coins you wish to buy and for which platform. The five markets we sell Madden 19 Ultimate Team Coins for are: PS4, Xbox One and Madden Mobile devices.

2. Once you’ve chosen how many MUT 19 coins you wish to buy the next step is to list a valueless player for us to purchase off you in order to transfer the coins from our account to yours.

3. Access your MUT item binder from within your console/mobile by selecting the ‘Items’ tab > ‘Item Binder’ tile and find a tradable worthless (bronze, silver or gold) player you wish to sell to us. This can be any player! Select the player and press ‘auction this item’. Set the variables to:

Duration: 1 Day

Starting Price: Can be anything

Buy it Now Price: Set this figure to the EXACT same amount of coins you’re buying. So if you’re buying 100,000 MUT Coins (for example) you would list your player for 100,000 BUY IT NOW. Like so:

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4. After you have submitted the player to the auction house you will need to return to our website and add the product to your cart. Proceed onto the checkout stage where you will be asked for the details of your player such as name, position, team, gamertag etc. This is so we can use this information as searching criteria in order to search, identify and purchase your player off the market.

5. Use our secured checkout and multiple payment options to complete your order.

6. Upon completion of payment we will instantly begin to search for your player on the auction house and purchase him within 2 minutes of your order being completed!

7. As soon as your player has been purchased you will receive an email confirmation of the order being completed. All you need to do is leave and re-enter the Madden Ultimate Team game mode and you will have the Ultimate Team Coins!

8. Spend your Madden Ultimate Team Coins!!


Please note: We do not cover EA’s 10% tax.

How To Sell Madden Coins To Us!

Selling Madden 19 Coins is just the reverse process of how we sell coins on our site, instead we’re listing the worthless player for you to buy.

If you’re a regular supplier of Madden Ultimate Team Coins then please add us on Skype at: MUTCoins

1. Firstly please visit our Sell Madden Coins Page and complete the form to let us know which platform your MUT Coins belong to and how many you have for sale.

2. Upon received your message we will email you back on your chosen email address with a price of how much we can pay for them.

3. If you’re happy with the price we’ll list a valueless (bronze, silver or gold) player on the auction house for you to buy. We will provide you with the necessary search criteria in order to find our unwanted player.

4. Use our search criteria, identify our player and purchase him.

5. Upon receiving the Madden Coins we will disperse the agreed funds into your designated PayPal or UK Bank Account depending on how you want to be paid. Transaction complete!