How to Transfer Madden 17 Coins and Players to Madden 18

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Because Madden is generally an incredibly popular game, most avid gamers cannot wait for when the latest version is released. It often means that there are new features to experiment with and new graphics to enjoy which can be very enticing. Everyone wants to always go buy it as soon as it becomes available, even trying to get advanced copies. Of course, if you really enjoy the game, you always want to experience the new features and explore the latest version. That makes sense but during that excitement, you should keep in mind that there are potentially some negatives to purchasing Madden 18 right when it is released.

The biggest, and perhaps only, drawback to going out and purchasing Madden 18 the second it is released, is that you cannot transfer your Madden 17 coins to Madden 18. In fact, you cannot transfer anything from one version of the game to the other. So, you can’t take your coins, players, items, or season progress from Madden 17 to Madden 18. Instead, the new version of the game is intended to function like a clean slate for all Madden gamers. It is a new game and everyone starts from scratch. You build your team from scratch and earn your items, points and coins from scratch. So, if you do have great wealth in Madden 17, you may want to pause before purchasing Madden 18. You can, of course, sell your Madden 17 coins while keeping in mind that the demand for them will be lower than they otherwise would since the newest version will have been released. Even with the fact that you can’t transfer Madden coins, let’s not overlook the overwhelming positives to starting a new version of the game.

To start, there is a positive to the fact that you would be starting Madden 18 from scratch. Everyone else is starting a new as well which means that everyone is on an equal playing field. You aren’t above or below anyone so you can’t start to build your roster once again. It is a new opportunity to be competitive with other Madden gamers.

The second overwhelming benefit to not being able to transfer items and MUT coins from one version to the next is that when you start fresh, there are also new players and new ratings. So, you get to experiment with players that did not exist in Madden 17 but now do in Madden 18. Furthermore, there are all new ratings and chemistries which means that you can have fun building your team again. Building your team to be what you want it to be is one of the most exciting aspects of Madden gaming and you get to experiment with that all over again in Madden 18. And you get to do it with a series of new players, ratings, and chemistries. Furthermore, there are new features in Madden 18 which means that you get to experience new graphics, new features, and even potentially new game modes. So, while you must start over again, you also get to experience everything new that the latest version has to offer in gaming.

Madden Ultimate Team is a huge draw for sports gamers because of its features and graphics and they only improve with each newer version of the game. While it can seem disappointing that you can’t transfer your items and coins from Madden 17 to Madden 18, it is interesting to think that you can experiment with new features, players, and ratings to build your new team and compete with other gamers. With everyone building their team from scratch, it really starts a totally new game for everyone equally.

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